When my parents stopped going to the catholic church they lost all their friends.

When my parents stopped going to the catholic church they lost all their friends. The devotion to the concert party for years in training the actors counted for nothing. I was happy to leave catholism behind as soon as entered the secondary school at 11.

Before leaving for the medical school at 18, I found a book in the local library , “Modern Occultism”. This led me to buy the complete works of Blavatsky, “The Secret Doctrine” a few years later. It was said to be rare, and out of print. It was an opportunity not to miss, and so I bought the two heavy volumes for 35 shillings.

Always a keen reader of science fiction and soaked in Theosophy I was primed for the bait offered through the teaching of George King, when I attended his public speech titled “Mars and Venus Speak to Earth”. That was in London in 1958. I was hooked and became one of the first members of The Aetherius Society which George King created as requested by Cosmic masters at a time a Spiritual Commando Force was needed during the perilous times which followed.

The worst was the threat of the combined forces of Hell prepared to rise up into the physical world using energy released in The Primary Initiation of Earth, July 8th.1964. We were saved by Cosmic Masters alien to us, within the time decreed by the Lords of Karma.

It is all in my book “Metaphysics and The New Age”.

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