A poem or two a day to impose on any luckless reader is being contemplated



Down in the depths

In search of truth

What strange horrors

Lurking there

Bright things of wonder

Rather fills my intent

Not the confusion

of endless ponder

but joyful themes

of beauty and wonder

I search and scheme

rise up in the world

to find it was a dream

so write it down

A verse

A poem


I sat with my cheese sandwich

and a bottle of beer

Did I share bread with thee

in ancient Egypt

Hearing the frogs chorus in the canals

I had slaves in those days

Now I am not sure who is the slave

Is it thee or me

She kissed me and said

“You worry too much”

I landed a smack on her bottom

as she bent to clear the table

“Behave yourself chauvinist beast”

she said

Come have one on the other cheek

for the sake

of symmetry

I replied.

And so we try to save an illusion

of mastery gone but not forgotten

and in grace allowed so to feel


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