Moon Bird

A gibbous moon lying low

Seemed to beckon my thoughts

In the fulsome of my grief

I sneered at her.

In promise of reflected sunlight

What goodness is there ?

Then a dark shadow crossed its face

Seemed small but huge so far away

I addressed the moon again

Indeed you are more than

I can ever know

How much did you lend

In omens and bane forsooth

The strange events on earth

Ever good apiece full blown

For ever doomsay on the wane

Is the black bird an alien fane

There for all to see

may be an alien ship

so huge but small

as seen on golden disc.

I send you greetings pale goddess

May all our dreams be of the best

How did we fare before you came

And what strange forces lie within

I long to come and see

As some have done

But will not tell.


The moon was put there over 18 million years ago.

2 thoughts on “Moon Bird

    1. This an extract from Alex Collier’s book 1995 about the moonbird: In the month of February, in the year 1894, the object photographed striking a huge black object was a carrier craft from Alpha Draconis. On April 4, 1892, the craft that crossed the surface of the moon was not a large bird, it was a craft that looked like it had wings. It was a craft from Alpha Draconis. This same ship was last in this solar system on January 27, 1912.


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