Poems Galore


 Before and after

Another Day

Each night I sleep that little taste of death

To awake and greet the sun a day is born

Only six thirty I turn for a short doze

Seven o’clock and I must get up to pee

I stretch and give thanks I am not stiff

I toddle along the passage to the kitchen

marvelling I have no pain

in full function of my tenth decade

what keeps me going you may ask

Do not accept that you fail as you age

The forces of nature will sustain you

If you but recognise and thank them

Do not plan for your infirmity or

Subject yourselves to the domination

Of frequent check-ups and medication

Unless your karmic debt insists

And then you must obey

Have another drink my friends

In honour of your devic helpers

who wants to die sober anyway


As it was before I fell, fractured my hip and introduced to pain. 9 months later walking with a stick, and it still hurts sometimes.

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