The Quest for the Alien Battleships whilst dwelling in Robot Bodies courtesy of the Robot Civilisation Planet

A Story.Part 1.

The adventurers had heard of the Alien Mission and how the Android had left three large battleships hidden in intergalactic space. The party consisted of five. There were two space agents approaching retirement, a man and a woman recently reunited after years of separate engagements in the field. Another pair constituted a Shaman and his wife in her masochistic relationship. The fifth man was an independent space trader of obscure origin. Their idea was to capture and bring the battleships home to invest in their alien science. Dangers and long periods of isolation in the depths of space made this bold idea seem impracticable, which made them visit the machine civilisation which had once helped them in repairing and improving their ship.

When they asked for advice on the project the light being representing the planetary logos was amused at the temerity and foolishness, but generously offered them a more suitable ship, at the same time it offered them machine bodies more likely to survive the extremes and hazards of intergalactic space. The indigenous inhabitants were mostly survivors of the space wars too damaged to be able to survive in any other way, and had readily accepted machine bodies. Their planet was being hollowed out and cities being built, presumably for those fleeing a foreseeable nova.

They were undecided until one of them, the independent trader secretly allowed himself to be invested. Demonstrating his newly acquired vehicle the rest immediately followed suit. An entirely different ship was designed and quickly built appropriate for a robot crew.

There was immediately competition from robots wanting to join in the escapade. Many were veterans of the Orion War. They were accepted graciously and the candidates were chosen by the light being representing the planet. After checking the survival of their human bodies kept in stasis they chose the colours offered by the robot artistic elements, with logos of their choice. There was a time for practicing the movements and properties of a machine body with a positronic brain copied from the organic. The physical movements were swift and precise, the men running and jumping, the two ladies with given feminine outlines and colours thought appropriate by the designers , danced a graceful ballet duet. Thinking was the game now, the sensorial features were dimmed out but mind was enhanced with an easy understanding of advanced mathematics and physics added in the generosity of their mentors. They did not tire but learned to renew from the ship when indicated. Before they left their mentor said, “If you are killed you will return to reanimate your organic vehicles of which you are now a poor resemblance”.

Like any space journey there is boredom. Numerous facilities were there for indulgence like reading, varients of tennis and badminton. Every kind of military games and some the earthlings had never seen with unusual weapons, and of course computer games. I leave you to imagine what how it could have been, no beds no toilets no chairs no kitchens. There were space probes and advanced weapons with study sessions for those interested.

Alcoves for switch off time were provided for what passes as robot sleep. Time was measured by their internal clocks and that of the ship. They were deep into the dark abyss of space when a lapse of two weeks was recorded with memories of interference. They remembered being paralysed and the feeling of a mental probe and there was a message, ”You have no rights here, unprotected by your solar logoi, the galactic federations or the devic kingdom. You are intelligent machines and interesting, and as some are human worthy of examination. Having done so in great detail we thank you for the opportunity. For that which you seek the coordinates are imprinted on the ship’s computer and will lead you to that which may well destroy you , so take care. We exist as intelligences in spaces bigger than the galaxies and are part of it”.

Note. ”The Alien Mission” commenced 30th.May1965, described in detail in my book.

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