In ancient times the gods fought

in the wars of men for sport

and afterwards would carry a maid

to their tent as Achilles took Briseis

And Thor in the Viking legends

found a lass to take to his tent

and on the morn in gentle grace

thought to name himself and

said to the maid ‘I am Thor’

the lady replied “Oh yeth

tho am I but it wath worth it

wathn’t it”

Secret Weapon

(It was a bit like that}

It was a familiar scene

The romantic tryst was a disaster

There had been an affair

Now it appeared to be over

He had decided to wait another year

Until after his overseas appointment

She bravely suppressed her anguish

And so they parted

The friend standing by said to him

“She seemed to take that very well”

‘Yes I thought she might make scene’

“You were spared her secret weapon”

‘What do you mean?’

“If you really love her follow her and see”

He ran and found her sitting on a bench

She was weeping and sobbing her heart out

He held her and said ‘I’ll be back’

She said

‘I don’t care I can’t live without you’

The weapon had been revealed

He proposed on the spot

What man can resist a woman’s tears

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