The Devic Forces are in Everything

There is a mystical truth in relation to it. As we are all individualised units of consciousness we are invested with a team of intelligent energy forms which are part of The Devic Kingdom. They take care of the balance in your subtle energy flows keeping you healthy, and considering the way our lives have become they do a good job. You can talk to them and they will know. They are beings of light and power on their own evolutionary path like humans, but in a longer and blissful way.

There is nothing in creation which is not without some aspect of this in Nature, as in the words of George King, “You cannot lift your finger without a unit of this power”. In the same way when you light a match. In infernos it is natural for these forces to respond to natural conditions, like cyclones. United meditation aimed at requesting the Storm Lords to veer away from the coast is possible and has been used. There are some interesting anecdotes in my book about this. The angels in the Bible are members of the Devic Heirarchy.

Jesus thought this knowledge was important enough for the transmission of the 5th.Blessing, August 24th. 1958, to give thanks to The Devic Kingdom.

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