A Strange Humanity

On the return from the mountain I recorded my experience. The nature of which dictated action whilst fresh in my mind. I only remember a sudden bright light and a small sound of something falling followed by a cloud of midges which came and surrounded me before I passed out. I faced the blank page and an implosion of information entered in my mind. ‘Do not be alarmed, information has been implanted in your mind. We are visitors to your world. Our origin is another dimension quite different with time and laws. So different that we have spent a year of our time taking readings and observations in a time which to you was only minutes. Why did we not become subject to the time of your world? We do not know. We seem to bring a capsule of our time frame with us but have found it can become dangerous to linger too long. You are a very interesting species. We are very different with four arms and functional wings, and extremely small about the size of your smallest insects and in spite of all that we are still humanoid. The information from your mind has been sufficient for us to gain knowledge of your world, and in return we have deposited a detailed description of our existence which is much more advanced. We learn from you that there are nine thousand dimensions in this solar system. We did not know that and have only been to a few. We will return after a hundred of your years to see if you have survived or destroyed your civilisation’. I sat down to write and continued into the late hours.

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