It is heartening to see some have the courage to leave communities devoted to control and suppression. It is hard being ostracised, sometimes from family. Answers to the old questions are found in the Self through meditation disciplines which over several lives lead to Cosmic Consciousness. I suppose I was lucky in being drawn into metaphysical knowledge answering the questions about Jesus and our future. It is not a recipe for happiness but gains a modicum of peace and satisfaction. We are favoured in existence on this planet which has endured us for so many millions of years, and is special in the position in space making it desirable resulting in a number of conquests. To know of these allows a very different attitude to the earth and gratitude to those who saved us. Threats remain, but there is secret information of our establishing protection in space with help and ingenuity beyond orthodox science and rocketry.

But who wants to know? Due to the censorship of the media, and slavish adherence to religion there are few. But there is some disclosure on YouTube from unofficial sources, and books to make you wake up.

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