Life In Subatomic Universes

In the secret depths of a certain library, could it be the Vatican? There is a specimen of rock containing a story of a civilisation which came from the Ultra Small to reach that which in theory must be the Ultra Big.

Life in a civilisation of a Subatomic Universe was dying out, the sun was fading. They had been living on its energy for thousands of years, but the grand cycle was closing there were few stars to be seen and all red giants. The end of life was expected to be soon.

Researches into the Theory of The Ultra Big led to the creation of a ship designed to rise into it. The minds of the united scientists and thinkers of known planets produced an artificial mind capable of the abstruse thinking for its construction. This took many years and the use of rare crystals found only on dying planets in the last years of the death of their suns.

The ship was made to be self sufficient for centuries and able to provide the energy required for the journey into The Ultra Big.

The eventual discovery of their emergence was heralded by the manifest of unexplained auroras in Siberia. This was found to be from an ancient river bed centering on a small area. After several weeks this energy burst became subdued and finally all that was noticeable was a shining egg sized pebble. This shone with sparkling coloured hues and was highly radioactive. Suddenly this stopped showing an ovoid piece of granite, one of the many like it, only identified by its radioactive property which started to increase becoming greater by the minute. A safer distance was adopted and the radiation suddenly dropped to zero being replace by a large envelope of shimmering light, which lasted a short time revealing a solid looking ovoid the size of a house.

An opening formed in the lower part close to the ground. The reason for this became apparent when there descended twelve small human figures one by one. Gaunt and fragile of seeming great age in skeletal aspect and hairless. They stopped in line and addressed the company of observing scientists telepathically, of which there were only a fraction able to communicate.

This is an account what they said, “We are happy to have confirmed the reality of the Ultra Big. Our ship was huge but is now small from having to use it up for energy needed to continue for centuries and to regenerate our aging bodies which are worn out. Once we were many but now we are all that are left. We return to our subatomic universe to see the end. Our universe will have been and gone in a very short part of your time. We perceive your bigness and similar forms. Our curiosity has been satisfied and yours has been provoked”.

They re-entered their ship which disappeared in a wink of light.

What happened to the pebble from which they came? After the shock and some discussion the group advanced cautiously into the river bed to possess the pebble lying with hundreds of the same appearance.

There is a story of what happened to it and the girl who was psychic enough to spot it and slyly hid it, rendering others when it came to submit their collection for tests.

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