There is a theory rife in some metaphysical groups, that the situation on this planet could be a result of a social experiment which went wrong, and in the beginning we volunteered. This is proposed to have been much earlier, even millions of years at a time before Freewill was offered.

Was this then, a scenario in heaven before birth on this troubled planet? Imagine being presented with forms in triplicate, the basis of which stated, “I agree to being a volunteer in this holy venture and agree to lose all memory of this incident. I accept the risks of negative experiences and misfortune in many forms. Repeated rebirths will be necessary but the experience will be rewarding.”

I guess we have all signed up and still wonder about the rewards. Just how we went wrong is a long story.

4 thoughts on “ARE WE AN EXPERIMENT?

  1. I’m breaking the contract I’ve had enough to be honest. This world seems to becoming more evil by the day and no one seems to know how to reverse this. 🤦‍♀️ The slave and zombie mentality is becoming more evident each and every day. We have lost our way it seems.


    1. Regards the Experiment issue. I have decided that the Intelligence which Creates can hardly be thought to indulge in experiments, and yet may allow the evolutionary process.


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