The Deep Transmuting Violet Flame

The Deep Transmuting Violet Flame comes from the Logos of the Earth, for the use of those who know more about Gaia. She gives this freely as the Energies are coming from Her since July 8th 1964, which was the date of the ”Primary Initiation of the Earth” the greatest event in the history of the Logos. Energy from the Sun was sent through ships arranged in a special pattern in the space around the planet. The rare appearance of a Master from the Sun was required. Only lasted a few minutes, any slight deviation from the program would have caused terrible damage to the Planet and the Moon. Mars Sector Six was in control. The Lords of Karma had intended this to be on 2012. The use of Atomic Bombs to destroy human life caused the date to be changed. The time which she was sacrificing her own evolution so that conditions allowed our opportunity was ended by Karmic Decre ,and The Primary Initiation of the Earth July 8th.1964. Unselfish sacrifice and suffering is not allowed to continue indefinitely. The great power now rests in Her controlled so that it is released gradually for those who are able to adapt. The time will come when it will be too strong for many to endure and will need to be reborn on another more suitable planet.

A large number of channelings predict transmuting of this planet into the next level of 4g and 5g and the population having their DNA increase from 3 to 12, as it was originally before interference. This is expected to complete during this year 2020, according to Cosmic Masters in the numerous transmissions of Higher Density Blog. A great solar flare later this year is forecast in a dramatic event, the first ever of its kind in the galaxy for a planet.

3 thoughts on “The Deep Transmuting Violet Flame

  1. Dear Sir,
    Thanks for the information. It is highly prized by me. If one loves the Mother Planet one deeply desires to know how she is doing.
    I have heard from astrologer Heather Ensworth that we are due to receive a sun-energy earth-event. Due to personal circumstances I desire to know things as this will help me to decide where I should be to be of any assistance for the next step of earth-evolution.
    Heather seemed to think the event was probably in 2023 or 2024. If it was sooner that might get Earth out of the terrible state it is in now. We need help.
    I am happy to know that things have been done to rescue humanity and Earth from the insanity of the time around about 1963. I was eighteen then. It was very scary.
    I remember wondering then what a larger view than humans had would look like.
    I would love to receive any emails if you give any?

    Thanks so much,
    Theresa Paulfranz

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