The Deep Transmuting Violet Flame

The Deep Transmuting Violet Flame comes from the Logos of the Earth, for the use of those who know more about Gaia. She gives this freely as the Energies are coming from Her since July 8th 1964, which was the date of the ”Primary Initiation of the Earth” the greatest event in the history of the Logos.

Energy from the Sun was sent through ships arranged in a special pattern in the space around the planet. The rare appearance of a Master from the Sun was required. Only lasted a few minutes, any slight deviation from the program would have caused terrible damage to the Planet and the Moon. Mars Sector Six was in control.

The Lords of Karma had intended this to be on 2012. The use of Atomic Bombs to destroy human life caused the date to be changed. The time which she was sacrificing her own evolution ended, so that conditions allowed the date brought forward by Karmic Decree for “The Primary Initiation of the Earth” July 8th.1964. Unselfish sacrifice and suffering is not allowed to continue indefinitely.

The great power now rests in Her is controlled so that it is released gradually for those who are able to adapt. The time will come when it will be too strong for many to endure and will need to be reborn on another more suitable planet.

A large number of channelings predict transmuting of this planet into the next level of 4g and 5g and the population having their DNA increase from 3 to 12, as it was originally before interference. This is expected to complete during this year 2020, according to Cosmic Masters in the numerous transmissions of Higher Density Blog. A great solar flare later this year is forecast in a dramatic event, the first ever of its kind in the galaxy for a planet. Great changes are expected in channelings raising us from 3D to 4D and 5D which to me seem unrealistic, and more commonly associated with conditions in The After Life.

Meanwhile, the world is in lockdown for fear promoted by an insignificant virus, of which the demonstration has not yet been satisfactory. False tests are being used and figures of incidence and mortality widely exaggerated and publicised to keep the fear going so that all wear ineffective masks in quarantine, self distancing and afraid of everyone. There is terrible damage to the economy and to families imprisoned in their homes. Airports are deserted the planes mothballed and left in hundreds in the dry atmosphere of the desert. It is to be regarded as a sample of a World Organisation suppressing all freedom and free speech. Shades of “1984”, and thoughts of a Fourth Reich planned years ago since the World War.


If you are concerned about the integrity of the environment, keep in
mind the Entity which is Mother Earth and her sacrifice. The Logos
of the Earth has had to restrict her own evolution in order dampen
down the vibratory level in Her substance, to be compatible with
human life. Taking on a lower level of existence for the sake of
another is called “Sacrificing Salvation.”
This type of sacrifice is greater than the sacrifice of one‟s Life!
This self-imposed limitation of Mother Earth reached its conclusion
by an edict from The Lords of Karma, with effect from July 8th,
1964, after the duration of more than 18 million years.
The Sacrificing of Salvation occurs so frequently in the spiritual
parts of the text, and is so prominent in The Twelve Blessings, that
some explanation is indicated. This expression, Salvation, is taken
from Christian theology, as meaning saving from damnation. It
means much more than that in metaphysical terms. Salvation can
also refer to the condition of spiritual achievement and release from
the cycle of rebirth.
For a Cosmic Master, the Sacrifice of Salvation entails the
abandonment of an elevated state of consciousness and bliss
established over millions of years. The experience of descent from
a high spiritual plane into the limitation of the primitive coarseness
and savagery of terrestrial embodiment cannot be imagined. The
mind is continually bombarded by a storm of mental activity of the
worst kind. All connection with the previous existence is
extinguished, producing an isolation of a kind which is impossible
for us to appreciate. This is only part of the Sacrifice of Salvation.
In addition there is often the suffering of Karma, taken on out of
Love for the spiritually impoverished and recidivist elements. It
seems to be built into cosmic evolution and is an aspect in all The
Twelve Blessings.

The day of the great alignment of the planets Saturn and Jupiter is now, 22/12/2020. I had a greater volume of power felt yesterday on rising, it caused my nose to congest and drip intermittently during the day.

Time to remind of the availability of the “Transmuting Deep Violet Flame” offered by the Logos of the Earth. Invite it relaxing in its rise, and feel a tickle behind the nose as it envelops the aura.

21 thoughts on “The Deep Transmuting Violet Flame

  1. Dear Sir,
    Thanks for the information. It is highly prized by me. If one loves the Mother Planet one deeply desires to know how she is doing.
    I have heard from astrologer Heather Ensworth that we are due to receive a sun-energy earth-event. Due to personal circumstances I desire to know things as this will help me to decide where I should be to be of any assistance for the next step of earth-evolution.
    Heather seemed to think the event was probably in 2023 or 2024. If it was sooner that might get Earth out of the terrible state it is in now. We need help.
    I am happy to know that things have been done to rescue humanity and Earth from the insanity of the time around about 1963. I was eighteen then. It was very scary.
    I remember wondering then what a larger view than humans had would look like.
    I would love to receive any emails if you give any?

    Thanks so much,
    Theresa Paulfranz

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      1. Hello from Canada
        I found your post on starship news letter and I left you a reply about telling us more and low and behold I just decided to click on your name and poof I found you. I’m excited to go through your site it’s really nicely done. Do you have a bio on how and what got you into this?
        Thanks and I look forward to your reply. 😊🕵🏻‍♀️😎


      2. After my degrees in the UK, I married a nurse working in the same school of midwifery and was shortly conscripted into the RAMC, to spend 1950-1952 in the Canal Zone, Egypt.
        After 8 years in the Health System I took my family to New Zealand, but in 1968 settled in Australia. I had become a member of ‘The Aetherius Society’ in 1958 London after attending ‘’The Twelve Blessings’’ dictated by Jesus through George King and remain the last of those attended. Following the world war were three assaults on this planet. My book and website tell of these, unknown outside The Aetherius Society and never on popular channelings. Pandemic fear provoked by those intent on keeping control is a minor phase in comparison to those dark days in which were helpless, saved by the sacrifices of Cosmic Masters.
        I am glad you like the website which is a bit primitive in outlay, but has information not seen on any others.


  2. So you feel before the end of 2020 we will have a cosmic flare? I have heard other channellers speak of this but who really knows. Our world seems to be upside down at the moment and fear seems to be the New Normal. Here is my email I would love more info from you. Please. You should of put this website on the starship site where I found you. Lots of people post links.
    I’m still going to read everything you have on here as well.
    What does GP stand for?
    Thank you


    1. There will be no cosmic flare, it just another fear like all the extinctions promoting doom within ten years. Periodic power for the sun may paralyse communications for a time.


  3. A GP is a general practitioner of medicine. I read them all but I do not accept all of the information from channelings. They are repetitious to a boring degree, but mean well and I love them.The voices of the Cosmic Masters through George King are the only ones trust as genuine.


  4. Hi Peter , nice to see you and your interests, I live in Geelong also and Esoteric Philosophy has always been a constant via intuitive visitations and epiphanies from the Ocean of the Self. Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Guy and Edna Ballard and their I Am Movement , The Theosophical Society, and now The Aetherius Society are amongst many others that have been companions on the Way. Peter on a physical and capitalist level I will soon be meeting with some powerful movers and shakers who have come from all over the world to meet with me, they are in quarantine in Melbourne at the moment and I was wondering if you would have any suggestions re a cause and direction I should focus this forthcoming economic power.
    Yours Truly

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  5. Hi Frank, delighted to know of someone local with similar interests.We are in middle of a Spiritual War on different fronts, hidden behind what is a desperate step on the surface towards the Fourth Reich, planned when it was seen how the war would end through the mistake of attacking Russia.


    1. Hi Gratzite
      So you stated this on July 30th any new updates for us it is now Nov 13th. I to believe it’s a spiritual war symbolism is huge and a lot is written the the stars as well. The controllers of this world use numbers and dates I’ve learned a lot through Gematria. So many rituals and I’m sure there’s more to come. Look at what there doing in the US over this Selection of power and all it’s doing is dividing humans more and more. Most people are still walking around with diapers on there faces over what? ☹️🤦‍♀️
      Will this HOAX every stop 😐
      I wish we had a place where it we could all communicate with you and everyone else here I so enjoy your info


  6. Yikes do you think that will happen? Ok you said no flare in Dec……do you feel that things are going to get crazier With all there Fakness? Tomorrow is Sept 1, it feels like this has gone on forever…looking for to your reply Gratzite


    1. The advice from celestial and galactic sources about changes in our forms is confusing. Earth changes are ongoing and society is labouring in the restriction, we can only wait and see, it is very interesting.


  7. Billy Meier prophesied civil control with a World Government, and civil war in the US.
    Prophecies are only accurate for that Time line, which I think has changed since then, with confidence in the future outcome.
    The Spiritual War is being won. on some websites should you want to check.


    1. Awesome I will check out that website.
      I’m not getting your replies even tho I check the boxes 🤷🏻‍♀️
      Have you ever heard of Zetas? There an alien race that can attach themselves to our sacral Chakra and basically control people to do evil things and they feed off the energy, Ive been told they live underground in tunnels but I honestly don’t know it has been told to me that there are higher beings here taking down these Zetas. They destroyed other planets and now have been here doing the same thing. 🤔
      I would love your thoughts on this please.
      Thanks so much


      1. The Zetas are an ancient humanoid species. For details download the book by Alex Collier, “Defend Sacred Ground”. Their full name is Zeta Reticuli.


    1. Just been looking at your website, I write to congratulate on the fine poems.
      I do not care for Dawkins.
      I doubt there are deaths really attributable to a virus which is a great joke, but we are not laughing
      Keep the Violet Flame rising, you may feel a tickle behind the nose.

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