The Deep Transmuting Violet Flame

The Deep Transmuting Violet Flame comes from the Logos of the Earth, for the use of those who know more about Gaia. She gives this freely as the Energies are coming from Her since July 8th 1964, which was the date of the ”Primary Initiation of the Earth” the greatest event in the history of the Logos.

Energy from the Sun was sent through ships arranged in a special pattern in the space around the planet. The rare appearance of a Master from the Sun was required. Only lasted a few minutes, any slight deviation from the program would have caused terrible damage to the Planet and the Moon. Mars Sector Six was in control.

The Lords of Karma had intended this to be on 2012. The use of Atomic Bombs to destroy human life caused the date to be changed. The time which she was sacrificing her own evolution ended, so that conditions allowed the date brought forward by Karmic Decree for “The Primary Initiation of the Earth” July 8th.1964. Unselfish sacrifice and suffering is not allowed to continue indefinitely.

The great power now rests in Her is controlled so that it is released gradually for those who are able to adapt. The time will come when it will be too strong for many to endure and will need to be reborn on another more suitable planet.

A large number of channelings predict transmuting of this planet into the next level of 4g and 5g and the population having their DNA increase from 3 to 12, as it was originally before interference. This is expected to complete during this year 2020, according to Cosmic Masters in the numerous transmissions of Higher Density Blog. A great solar flare later this year is forecast in a dramatic event, the first ever of its kind in the galaxy for a planet. Great changes are expected in channelings raising us from 3D to 4D and 5D which to me seem unrealistic, and more commonly associated with conditions in The After Life.

Meanwhile, the world is in lockdown for fear promoted by an insignificant virus, of which the demonstration has not yet been satisfactory. False tests are being used and figures of incidence and mortality widely exaggerated and publicised to keep the fear going so that all wear ineffective masks in quarantine, self distancing and afraid of everyone. There is terrible damage to the economy and to families imprisoned in their homes. Airports are deserted the planes mothballed and left in hundreds in the dry atmosphere of the desert. It is to be regarded as a sample of a World Organisation suppressing all freedom and free speech. Shades of “1984”, and thoughts of a Fourth Reich planned years ago since the World War.


If you are concerned about the integrity of the environment, keep in
mind the Entity which is Mother Earth and her sacrifice. The Logos
of the Earth has had to restrict her own evolution in order dampen
down the vibratory level in Her substance, to be compatible with
human life. Taking on a lower level of existence for the sake of
another is called “Sacrificing Salvation.”
This type of sacrifice is greater than the sacrifice of one‟s Life!
This self-imposed limitation of Mother Earth reached its conclusion
by an edict from The Lords of Karma, with effect from July 8th,
1964, after the duration of more than 18 million years.
The Sacrificing of Salvation occurs so frequently in the spiritual
parts of the text, and is so prominent in The Twelve Blessings, that
some explanation is indicated. This expression, Salvation, is taken
from Christian theology, as meaning saving from damnation. It
means much more than that in metaphysical terms. Salvation can
also refer to the condition of spiritual achievement and release from
the cycle of rebirth.
For a Cosmic Master, the Sacrifice of Salvation entails the
abandonment of an elevated state of consciousness and bliss
established over millions of years. The experience of descent from
a high spiritual plane into the limitation of the primitive coarseness
and savagery of terrestrial embodiment cannot be imagined. The
mind is continually bombarded by a storm of mental activity of the
worst kind. All connection with the previous existence is
extinguished, producing an isolation of a kind which is impossible
for us to appreciate. This is only part of the Sacrifice of Salvation.
In addition there is often the suffering of Karma, taken on out of
Love for the spiritually impoverished and recidivist elements. It
seems to be built into cosmic evolution and is an aspect in all The
Twelve Blessings.

The day of the great alignment of the planets Saturn and Jupiter is now, 22/12/2020. I had a greater volume of power felt yesterday on rising, it caused my nose to congest and drip intermittently during the day.

Time to remind of the availability of the “Transmuting Deep Violet Flame” offered by the Logos of the Earth. Invite it relaxing in its rise, and feel a tickle behind the nose as it envelops the aura.

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