STEVEN BECKOW – The Secret of Eternal Life – 8-2-18 – Golden Age Of Gaia

There is o no secret to eternal life. The truth is kept a secret. The truth is: There is no death; there is only eternal life. Let it be proclaimed from the highest steeple.

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The secret of eternal life is that there is no secret of eternal life.

Eternal life is not and never has been a secret. People in the afterlife are busily trying to get the message across to us. But we haven’t been the best of listeners.

The truth, however, has been kept a deep, dark secret. Here’s the truth:

Every spark of God, every soul, every Self, Atman, Christ is already immortal, always was, and always will be.  It isn’t a state that needs to be achieved.

You don’t have to believe in or follow anyone to have it: you already have it.

You don’t need saving: you’re already saved.

What is really at issue is the cycle of birth and death associated with the Third Dimension. It’s true that we shed our bodies. So something does die. I’m not denying that.

But it isn’t us.

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3 thoughts on “STEVEN BECKOW – The Secret of Eternal Life – 8-2-18 – Golden Age Of Gaia

  1. That is what I would like to know. It appears to be at the discretion of the Soul, which has its own agenda.
    Instead I decided to copy from my book:

    “The Gods themselves are facets of Soul requiring attention.”
    (Marcilio-Ficino, secretary to the Medici, who sent him to purchase
    the ancient texts on which mediaeval magic became based.)
    There is no scientific evidence for the existence of Soul. We can
    only rely on the information from the forerunners of the human
    race, such as Adepts, Masters of Yoga, Saints, and Mystics.
    Ancient Stanzas were handed down orally from generation to
    generation, before being committed to writing. The feats of
    memory by the ancient seers was extraordinary. Eventually, these
    were written down, and are often referred to. As they are attributed
    to Avatars such as Patanjali, Krishna, and more recently Jesus, such
    information on Soul needs to be seriously considered.
    The Soul is an unknown, and has to be accepted on faith, which is
    the intuitive knowledge of the philosopher, and not the imposed
    “faith” of dogma. Information from those with direct experience is
    available, but language has proved lacking for this purpose.
    The Universal Soul, or Anima Mundi, is a direct emanation of
    the Manifesting Trinity.
    Here are some Metaphysical definitions of Soul: A Vortex of
    Twelve Energies held together by the Will of the Monad. The
    Result of The Relation between Spirit and Matter. A Mediator and
    Middle Principal between the Manifest and the Unmanifest.
    The Soul has many names: The Christ Principle, The Form
    Building Aspect, and The Essence of Individuality. It appears that a
    list of the properties and functions of Soul is the nearest we can
    come to understanding It. The Universal Soul represents The Force
    of Evolution and is the 2nd Aspect, The Son. It is Unified
    Sentiency of which the Human Soul is a part, and is That Force
    which is Impersonal Love, propelling all lifestreams back to their
    Source through Karmic Experience.
    It developed the human form over millions of years, to form a link
    between the Upper and Lower Triads. At the same time, it is also an
    instrument of Law through the use of Manas.
    As the Principle of Intelligent Activity, it is more under the
    influence of The Feminine Aspect of The Logos, giving rise to the
    many names of The Goddess. In the constitution of the human unit,
    Soul is synonymous with the Higher Self, and provides the Faculty
    of Intuition. It is not generally aware of the personality, but is
    conscious of, and active within, its own group on the Buddhic
    plane. Until stimulated by unselfish action and spiritual exercise, it
    is not normally aware of the personality.
    It can be completely disassociated, to sever its connection in cases
    of prolonged and extreme depravity. In the event of unsuccessful
    encounters with combined Dark Forces it can be sent into a kind of
    spiritual shock which will cause it to seek refuge in the void for a
    very long time before it resumes activity. This is a hazard peculiar
    to certain Adepts as warriors of light.
    The next phase of evolution will be Soul Consciousness, and is the
    inevitable goal for all humanity, and beyond that is Ascension and
    True Freedom. The ceremony of Ascension was witnessed and
    described by George King in “The Nine Freedoms” during a visit to
    The Third Satellite.
    There is much on the Internet and in some publications of ascension
    being imminent for all humanity in the year 2012. This is thought to
    be a minor form of ascension, is assumed to be an elevation into a
    higher level of vibration, and is a process which has already started.
    Some will take advantage of shortcuts to this end, using the various
    methods which have been made available. The metaphysics
    involves the raising of the Kundalini Power, which is described in
    the pages on Yoga Philosophy. It is through the etheric body and its
    vortices of psychic energy that Soul contact occurs.
    The Soul is sometimes called The Solar Angel, and The Angel of
    The Presence. There are many other names given to this most
    mysterious part of the human unit. In order to function in the
    cosmos, the Soul creates a suitable vehicle called the Causal Body.
    During the intervals between incarnations, the lifestream spends
    years on the Plane of the Soul (The Buddhic Plane), depending on
    karmic factors and the associated ray of the monad.
    The Causal Body is virtually immortal in our conception of time,
    but ultimately is left in favour of a Spirit Body on the realm of
    Monadic Consciousness, which seems to be way beyond the
    Adepts. These „bodies‟ are entirely unlike our notion of what a
    body is. They are pure energy, egg-shaped, and free to move with
    the speed of thought. They can take on form of any kind, anywhere.
    The Third Eye is the Eye of The Soul, dormant in man until some
    degree of soul awareness is present and tangible. It is The Eye of
    Shiva, the organ of clairvoyance and the exercise of magical
    In the Hindu pantheon, Indra is Lord of the Buddhic plane, the
    Home of the Soul the symbol of which is that of Air (Aquarius),
    just as Agni is Lord of Manas and the Mental plane.


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