Don’t Believe the UK is Knackered?

As an exUK citizen I admire the writing of Anna vonReitz.

American Patriot Email Reports

By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska

Please understand that when I talk about “the Brits” being at the bottom of the dogpile – predictably — each and every time there is trouble in the world, I am not talking about the people of Great Britain. I am not even talking about their military, nor, for the main part, about their Secret Service.

I am talking about the unaccountable and criminal portion of their government that operates in the background in the same way that the so-called “Deep State” operates here. Normal people in Britain are just as clueless and unaware of this Hidden Hand as people have been here, and they are just as innocent of any wrong-doing associated with the actions of this entity.

Let us for a moment regard what I call “The Fundamental Problem” which is a paradox of sorts.

The only reason a…

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