In answer to the question, “What is the best possible way for helping on the Earth?” 

 “Saying The Twelve Blessings 24 hours a day”, was the brief reply from the Cosmic Master Aetherius.

Accordingly, for anyone to assist the way is clearly stated. The daily affirmations of The Twelve Blessings helps to relieve suffering and improve conditions on the planet, and the more you do this you will feel the energies flowing through you in the manner of the New Lord’s Prayer.

Remember, ”The Twelve Blessings’’ are direct from Jesus, amplifying and adding to his testimony when he walked the earth experiencing the same limitations in physicality.   

                                                                                        These transmissions are a litany of the Sacrifices made by those who have followed in his example by leaving their bliss.       

    In addition, there is new information on Cosmogony in these dissertations, with a clear statement on what science calls the Big Bang in the last and 12th Blessing, with remarks on the Church and foolish priests in the following address.

Having been present during the transmissions I remain a privileged member of The Aetherius Society which offers free advice and help to all seekers of Truth.

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