“The New Set” is Fascism in guise of benevolent communism for world peace and plenty, a world tyranny ending freedom of speech and movement.

We are boldly advised to obey, or else. It will not succeed, the ground work for its failure was ensured by the sacrifices described in ‘The Twelve Blessings’, in London 1958.

Meanwhile, the world endures the imposition of fascist governments based on fear and a pandemic hoax. It will not last.

   Let us be thankful and send power and love to the suffering world, and to support those fighting for our freedoms.  

 According to The Sheldrake hypothesis 10% of the population is needed, by their conscious Will and Intent

  Information from a galactic source tells of an Event expected to occur on Earth in a greater infusion of power. Six steel monoliths have now been installed deep underground. For a short time some were seen on the surface. They will be activated when the power descends on the planet exciting the magnetic Wey Lines in a planetary transmutation.

 When this is going to happen is not known. We are told it will be soon. It could be hundreds of years. They say, this particular planetary Event has not happened before.  


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