Relevent to the present situation the Andromedans found a tyranny in the galaxy 357 years in the future. Traced back it started in this solar system centred in the Earth. We are experiencing a phase calculated to create it. The title is from the book written in 1995 by Alex Collier who was tutored by the Andromedans from aged 8 years. The title seems appropriate for the present day in the world thrust into fear and hysteria and pandemic hoax .

We had preceding attacks on the Earth after the world war saved by the sacrifices of Cosmic Adepts.

In The Twelve Blessings (1958) details of the sacrifices by other great spiritual entities guaranteed the firm establishment of the New Age.

A few years later there was a great infusion of power into the Earth from the Sun., by a metaphysical operation in space entitled “The Primary Initiation of Earth” on July 8th.1964.

A new Time Line was engaged for the next age of freedom and love in Golden Age similar to primordial phases of Mu.

The pressure of the increasing vibrations has increased the polarisations in humanity. Sorting has commenced for the transfer to another planet who prefer the prospect of living a welfare state as presently proposed herein.

It remains for us to endure and think positively helping to transform things in the foundation of the future.

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