The purpose of this blog is for those who are awake to the Truth with reassurance that all is going well behind a world of Spandemic and Fear, with useless masks and lockdowns. A temporary phase for as long we permit.

Any plans for a Cambrian type repetition of which Benjamin Rutherford warns will not happen, neither will the poles turnover or an object collide from space.

This planet has become referred to as Gaia, the goddess within mentioned in the 7th of The Twelve Blessings by Jesus (7th September 1958).

The original intention was for it to be prominent in the galaxy as a center of Truth and Spirituality. A Universal Library for seekers from anywhere.

When Maldek was destroyed nigh on 19 million years ago, the Earth was the only possible planet for the people. An advanced civilisation offered to help. They were Pre Adamic Man engaged at the time preparing to leave, which they postponed.                                                                                                                    

The present situation is that the Earth has undergone dramatic change since Karmic Law decreed the sacrificing of Her Salvation on behalf of a recidivist race to end, resulting in “The Primary Initiation of Earth” July 8th 1964, which was a Cosmic Metaphysical Operation in space.                                               

 Earthly vibrations are since increasing in preparation for The New Age. Foundations were laid down in the post war years during several attempts to take over, a saga to be read elsewhere in my writings or in application to the annals of The Aetherius Society.                                                                                                                        

    The results have been far reaching in the secret interdimensional wars in the Galaxy relevant to this Earth and solar system, events on the lower levels a reflection. This aspect of metaphysical truth has some interesting features, it was planned for the tyranny on earth to spread in the galaxy.

 In 1995 the Andromedans looked in the future, and saw that 370 years were seen to be crucial for its prevention. It was centred in this solar system and localised on the Earth.  Some galactic forces have united against it.

My book is “Metaphysics and The New Age”.

 website: “The Divine Heresies”

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