After my blog on Healing it occurred to me, why not a blog on Acupuncture .

Some study is required to have appreciation of the Chinese system of energy pathways called Nadis for the passage and circulation of energy. These were mapped out and published a thousand years ago. Also for elephants preserved on strips of bark in Sri Lanka.

Dr.Felix Mann (London) wrote books and was very good in discerning which points were most suitable for westerners.   One thing he discovered and never found in the Chinese, was how acute sensitivity to the first treatment is possible producing an acute reaction in the symptoms treated, short but best avoided.

In Migraine superficial needling a few second on a certain spot on the foot could banish headaches for good.                                                                             

 Follow ups were few, but my sister-in law came to visit and had a very brief superficial needling on the foot ( in Liv 3), and has not had any more migraines.

Results were for pain in sciatica and backaches, stiff neck and arthritic pain in the knees, and some allergies. 

        I had some success with acupuncture for smoking. One lady wrote to tell me she was going on a world cruise with money saved from not spending on cigarettes.

Acupuncture has become more accepted and used in some hospitals, particularly for the pains of childbirth, and for others with drug allergies.

          A Chinese practitioner will treat anything, prepared to take more time and repeats, and may use many needles.                                                                        

   I only used a few 1 inch needles. In China they use many large needles deeply inserted for painless major surgery, always with anaesthesia in reserve.

    A red laser became fashionable which I used in the last years for those in fear of needles and became preferred by Vets. for dogs and

These devices are now on sale on the web for laser and elecro-acupunture in the size of a large fountain pen, safe for individual use.

 Maps of acupuncture points have been mapped on the hands, feet, and the ear. Detailed for the ear by French scientists and published in a book.

   Interesting confirmation of the Nadis is the asymmetry of a little less substance in that right side of the face and the right hand colder than the left, from cholecystectomy with the large Koch’s incision severing the nadis on the right, a personal experience. Keyhole surgery is used now.


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