Now greet the Disclosure for it is openly available to those who want to know strange stuff like space travel and different aliens visiting the Elite feel secure because people don’t want to know conditioned in the ignorance of clever mind control for football and Tee Vee religion takes care of the rest minds too […]

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Maybe Not Again

You may grizzle and whinge as I have done many times yet I know we are immortal and that this human phase is only the essential stage towards another superhuman of much greater ability to see and know more of Reality achieving progress despite lives of ignorance and decadence in the adventure we started so […]

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The Cavalier’s Lament

They were good days The servants were loyal And I looked after them Perhaps I was remiss In seducing the house maids And smacking their bottoms Bu I am not a tyrant Horses are my passion I ride well in the hunt and I am a good shot When challenged to a duel I might […]

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