MORE RESPECT It is about time I wrote a poem there are no words or theme presenting and yet, the struggle with human failings in attempts to claim divine heritage is the task of all men which in the holy works includes women in whom the rising power of the Goddess will bring peace and […]



The power comes and goes Old fires light up and die down I close my eyes see stars and galaxies I open them and see a version of a hologram I make some tea and contemplate infinity Time is an illusion only IT is real And strangely enough I am IT Just as you are […]

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A New Poem Writ Today

Oh Muse nary word of late Send me some verse Even rhyming perchance In the elegance of poesy. Are there not events worthy In turmoil of earth changes Freedom is nigh as never before But climate is getting worse Build on stilts in flood arears Deep underground for bush fires Cyclones being more frequent So […]

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A favourite subject is Sleep In poems frequently portrayed I am fascinated by its mystery how you all take it for granted so much of your life is spent am I the only one curious is there another wife in this other life a different job to sleep until I awake at least that idea […]

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Ancient Warrior

                                         A CHAUVINIST POEM Egad, I must be millions of years old killed in the galactic wars of Lyra a slave or king in different worlds perchance a reptilian before human on then on Terra for countless lives war in the great ships from […]

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In a Sense

(from my 10th anthology) From adolescence to senescence ranges a variety of experience not that it ever gets much better as you find so many years later and the thought of doing it again would need a serious cogitation not that it makes any difference you will be born again regardless but not to worry […]

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Moon Bird

A gibbous moon lying low Seemed to beckon my thoughts In the fulsome of my grief I sneered at her. In promise of reflected sunlight What goodness is there ? Then a dark shadow crossed its face Seemed small but huge so far away I addressed the moon again Indeed you are more than I can […]

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THE ENDLESS STREAM A poem or two a day to impose on any luckless reader is being contemplated 3/1/2019 THE ID Down in the depths In search of truth What strange horrors Lurking there Bright things of wonder Rather fills my intent Not the confusion of endless ponder but joyful themes of beauty and wonder […]