There are no words to express the value of service better than those by the Martian Adept Mars Sector Six in The Third Freedom of the book “The Nine Freedoms”. So important in the path of spiritual evolution it became the motto of The Aetherius Society,      “Service Is the Jewel in the Rock of Attainment”. To […]



A TIME BLOG SOME THOUGHTS ON TIME Time is an illusion created for linear events producing experience. In the higher levels of spirituality time does not exist. The universe as we can see it depends on both Time and Space. And so, here is a rather rambling dissertation which may be of interest to readers: […]

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                                                                                                                                                                                                               We are all part of “IT”, as individual units of the Consciousness which is God, we have unlimited potential but made to believe we are sinners in fear of judgement.    Assessment is made by ourselves as required in Karmic law.          (Jesus had some interesting things to say about this in […]



Jesus in the 6th Blessing:  (Healing by laying of hands on the heads of those suffering, as power flows through them from the Solar logos).   “It is indeed wrong of the so-called Christian Church to turn the deaf ears of dogmatic limitations upon the feats of these Ones.  For these are the Ones who will […]

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                                                    WORSHIP  Worship was never needed in my personal opinion, neither was religion. We invented it, making us vulnerable for powerful beings to exploit, sacrificing beasts and people as burnt offerings, before the true God became recognized in the sacred works. There has never been any need for worship. Self abasement and appeasing to a […]



RIDiNG THE WHIRLWIND Thinking of another blog on part of The Twelve Blessings as we continue to ride the whirl wind of this reality, knowing it is a creation of our own in the mysterious path devised by that we call Soul, in the background of countless galaxies as divine sparks in the mind of […]

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Truths in the twelve Blessings

A  Blog for those who want to know, and followers of Jesus. From the Address by Jesus after the 12th.,   “CONSCIOUSNESS is the Source of everything including all life and the gods themselves, who create and guide us on the path to perfection.  IT is The “I AM” in Man.   The  CROSS, is not the […]

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New Blog We are all born with the gift of Curiosity.    We have been made to believe without questioning everything taught in religion, TV and the news. This has allowed us to be manipulated by those in power and purveyors of truth persecuted, in the present day are called conspiracy theories, or even followers of […]



 I wanted to write about this. It became too large, this is the result of repeated editing.  What is Truth? I can only say it is the fabric of reality in Creation. There are aspects of Truth which are strange to those committed to traditional religion.                            This makes it very hard for those reared in […]

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                                         SOUL We all have a Soul and most agree is the same as the Higher Self existing on a high level of spirituality.                                                                   Known as The Anima Mundi, the Universal SOUL forms the basis for Creation through Mind, which is an energy on an ascending scale relevant to degrees of Spirituality so […]

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                                                                                                                                                   FREEDOM                                                                                                     Freedom is in danger, enslavement has begun using fear and pandemics promoted for your Health.A certificate of vaccination is being envisaged in the next stage, after vaccination made mandatory by government. It will not last, in the meantime some interesting facts.  What do we really know really about Freedom.  After […]