This ancient science of using the positions of planets at the time of birth is very important for millions. The birth chart tells of the future life and accepted for guidance.

    I am not much interested in astrology, but I thought a blog on some features.

  By who and when were the mythical characters of the Zodiac determined? 

  The same question arises about the properties of planets.

Pluto has been given its own qualities for use in astrology, together with the planetoid Ceres. On which I suppose individual astrologists decided, or together.

    The Moon is very important in astrology, which is strange as it is clearly artificial comprising a metallic sphere on which many tons of soil and rocks have been deposited, and was put round the Earth more than eighteen millions of years ago.

  In spite of what is known the Moon has been invested with the same importance as the planets, with its phases for good or ill.  Perhaps the continued use in astrology has given its own mystical qualities.

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