Thoughts on how it has been a centre of world events.

      The importance of the Britain in world history began with Henry 8th. rejecting the domination of the Pope.

     The British  Empire came to dominate the world.                                                                                                                                  

  Questions of why the UK arise in the choice for metaphysical operations in cooperation with Alien Adepts. 

    The focus of world Ley Lines may relate, and history of ancient civilisations.

   Britain has 9 of the 19 charged mountains, the first with the brief presence of Jesus through George King in Devon 1954.

“The Twelve Blessings” by Jesus followed in 1958.                                   

Videos from the UK deplore the way their allies in the US continue to censor anything contrary to the new religion called Wokism, in which truth and christian tradition are attacked. 

The UK itself is undergoing similar stress as Royalty is experiencing scrutiny as the expense of coronation presents and the population suffers the shutdown of free speech criticising the government.

History records how the tradition is preserved in all the extravagant splendour displayed, and how the people loved it.

But it is no longer the same in terms of loyalty and service.

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