This planet had been brought from outside the solar system.                                       

It was once a moon of Uranus and was once covered in ice.                                                               The oceans came and were salted by Niburu.

  An example of its known ancient history is the sacrifice made in acceptance of those from destruction of Maldek 18,600,000+ years ago.                                                                                                   A civilisation was here for a time helping the new comers to engage in forming a stable society.                       The originals are referred to as PreAdamic Man, nothing is known about them except they postponed leaving, to nurse a new population.

There was no moon then, it had been a satellite around Maldek with another which became one for Mars. Both are artificial.


Our planet is one of 49 referred to as “cloaks” by Jesus in the 7th.Blessing. 

   More of this written on my blogs ( and my book “Metaphysics and The New Age”, due to my meeting Dr.George King and present for the experience in London 1958.

Rounds and Races by Gertrude W.van Pelt.M.D.,                         

This little handbook is a theosophical publication 1940, describing different stages of evolution over eons by Moon Men beginning as spheroidal forms which formed buds which were shed in long cycles of procreation. Could not have been on our moon.                                                                                       

 Millions of years passed with standing forms producing eggs left to hatch in the sun.

    There followed a hermaphrodite phase on the Earth producing different forms some with four arms and three eyes.  

   (The late Zulu Shaman Credo Mutwa also talked of this.).  

Information of about how the sexes appeared is hidden, some hints are in the book in reference to chapter Genesis capable of different meanings.

Some Grecian myths seem related, like Prometheus.

   This human species are exceeding ancient as written in the story of Maldek, but the diaspora from Lyra caused by the Draco invasion predates.                           

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