The Twelve Blessing

This a short account from the first pages of the book, “The Twelve Blessings” which is hardbacked in a golden cover of 63 pages, 5.5″ by 9″ inches.

The Mother of George King was invited to visit Beings from another world, and to bring a copy of The Twelve Blessings.

A meeting was arranged for January 9th.1959 in a remote area of Devon in the early hours of night.

A scout ship was waiting and took  her up to the mothership where she  met Jesus, causing her to shed tears in emotion.                                                                                                                                                                                    He said, “Give me the book” and took in his hands and gave an address on the book after which he placed it in a specially fitted wooden box saying,  ”This Book is now and forever- Holy”.

Readers can read the full speech and account on page 11.

 Also worthy of note.      

     In words about The Twelve Blessings given after the 11th Blessing ending,  ”Accept these as your Bible—and ACT upon them—and you will be of great service to your brothers”.

I wrote and published a book, “Metaphysics and The New Age” opening with the events during the formation of The Aetherius Society by George King.               

My website is: kasselmain com,  

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