Immortal on a path of spiritual evolution, we all have the potential for reaching Cosmic Consciousness.

    The Earth is in transition to a stage of freedom and peace developing into The Golden Age reminiscent of the Lemurian. 

  Our distress and confusion has to be endured meanwhile, as some who volunteered to be part readily aver. 

 Anticipating a dramatic change to 5D called ”ascension” is doubtful in my mind, although channelings of celestial beings and galactic sources promote it as though it is already happening to the physical.

   ASCENSION is the 6th. Freedom in the book “The Nine Freedoms” dictated by The Martian Adept, Mars Sector Six, described for leaving the earth after the required number of incarnations.

 The choice of life on Earth for as long as desired in a changed body needs an initiation by Jesus, and is described in the book witnessed by George King on the mother ship.                                     

 Long lives on different planets normally ensue in higher vibrations, the highest being on Saturn.

For an appreciation of this read the book written by George King, text on freedoms dictated by the Cosmic Master, Mars Sector Six.

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3 thoughts on “                        ASCENSION

  1. I’m still in the process of reading your book. Taking breaks. Lots to take in. Taking breathers. It’s fascinating the different healing modalities and references to King. May read more up about him too. The et connection is stimulating! Thank for your continued writings on this blog. 🦋


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