The laying of hands in Healing has always been known. Power requested from the Logos of the Sun flows through them.

Here are words of Jesus from the 6th Blessing,  

 ”Blessed  are They Who Heal”.

Jesus criticises the so-called Christian Church for not recognising Healers,        ”Even though some of them regard themselves not as Christians, yet, by their very action they demonstrate more Christianity in one Healing pass than their devout brothers do in all their surface prayers”.

At the end He said, “Thrice Blessed are the Healers, for they will bring Light into My Church.                                                                        For they are the Ones who when the time is ripe, will LEAD My Church.”

In regard to The Twelve Blessings.

All free thinkers, devout Christians of doctrine or biblical texts should read this book dictated by Jesus, out of Love and Truth in these days of lies and confusion.

The merits are guaranteed from the practice.

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