This blog is a bit long in contrast to my usual terse presentation.

Nevertheless, I will pursue this topic for some features regards the significance of Freewill.

The world is experiencing the introduction of a dictatorship through fear and induced pandemics.

Freedom of Speech is now undergoing a censorship efficient in the control of the Media and the News.

 There are still some sources for the Truth in bold journalism, which for the time being cannot be suppressed.

FREEWILL is a gift to all life from the Beginning, in the Triplicity of Spirit, Soul and Individuality.

As of now, the threat of proposed Communist control is presented by so-called Democrats, and too many are falling for it.

We may be subjected to it for a time, as the imposed pandemics may continue with all undue reliance of protection afforded by masks and quarantining, until there is a wave of resentment and rebellion to the suffering imposed.                                                                It has all been so unnecessary.                                               


There is more.

 Freewill is in the lower frequencies seen as a limitation, to be left after Self Realisation in Enlightenment is achieved.

Herewith, from The book of “The Nine Freedoms”,

The Fourth Freedom will be Enlightenment.

(Quoting:     “Note this: I speek of Freedom—not petty freewill. There is a God of difference.”

Sunday February 25th. 1961 by Mars Sector Six.

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