A TIME  BLOG

                                SOME THOUGHTS ON TIME

     Time is an illusion created for linear events producing experience. In the higher levels of spirituality time does not exist. The universe as we can see it depends on both Time and Space. And so, here is a rather rambling dissertation which may be of interest to readers:

   There have been some features worthy of comment and speculation about Time Travel sparked in fiction, and lately in the revelations of secret goings on in the Underground Secret Military Bases.  
  Cosmic Masters and Mystics agree there is no such thing as Time, and is all part of holographic false realities. We are imprisoned in Space/Time for the sake of experience required on the long journey back to the Source, in which we volunteered.

   Accepting  that we are all Units of Consciousness in the heart of The Absolute, we create the illusions ourselves, as IT creates everlastingly in the vastness of Space and Time for the trillions of galaxies we observe.     Scientists speculate on the rapid expansion in space as they recede, and some disappear. Which raises the question of where do they go? One answer is to other universes, of which there are so many as we care to imagine.

    Time Travel is possible.
Reference can be made to accounts of advanced civilisations  from the future, 15000 years in one of the Zetas’ accounts.                                                                                                Time is an illusion of permanence in our experience, but not so on higher levels. There are Time Lines to consider set for civilisations  and individual free thinkers.  
     Life changes are said to take on a different time line like historical events producing  different futures, so that if Napoleon had won we would have had a different Europe.                                                                                          Such alternatives may exist and repeating throughout history, as we escaped the Nazi version for it to persist in another future.  
    We are at the present teetering on the brink of a Fourth Reich by the imposition of fear and a world Spamdemic planned for mind control, using advanced technology capable of ensuring a thousand years of slavery.  I am assured it will not succeed, having been saved by the sacrifice of Planetary Adepts during attempts to  take over the earth following the last world war.                                
 Forces of the Galactic Federation have been victorious  in the interdimensional war in space, down here it  continues in the DUMBS. 
                                                                                                        Loss of time has been shown by people having been taken up by aliens for weeks, and returned after the loss of a few days.                                                                     Alec Newald missed ten days by his meeting and abduction by aliens. It was in1989 driving from Rotorua to Auckland he met a very bright light and felt the loss of control of his car. You can read his account, and of others on Youtube.    
   There is the notorious Bermuda Rectangle with stories of planes disappearing, and a ship reappearing years later but with no traces of the crew.

     Researches in Time date back to the Philadelphia Experiments of 1943 to make a destroyer invisible in the war (1939-1945). The last one had disastrous effects on the crew. Two brothers survived when they jumped off the ship when it had landed some miles inland. 
   The survivor was Al Bielek,  and there is his account with a video on Youtube.                                                           His real name was Drummond, the new name was part of making him forget but when he returned to the base he met those who recognised him and he began to remember. His brother had died within a week ageing the 40 years.
  Time Research in Montalk continued regardless of the commitment of closure after the disastrous Philadelphia Experiment, with a Time Tunnel which transferred into 40 years of the future.  There is a recorded interview with an insider who was an engineer in the program, he said many had been sent into the Time Tunnel and were never recovered. 

   This is getting too long, a last word must suffice.                                       The Akashic Records exist on a high level of existence known to Mystics and certain Psychics who have engaged and written about how everything in history of Time is accessible to witness, for those who can in a complete feeling of reality.


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