The Earth is the subject of the 8th.Blessing, a goddess taken on material form more than 20 millions of years ago to allow us to gain experience. Her sacrificing this for a recidivist humanity was ended by the Lords of  Karma 8th.July 1964 in “The Primary Initiation of Earth”.

      Vibrations on earth are since greatly increasing, so that many will not be able to tolerate it, and will  be reborn on a different planet.

 The Earth has been protected from take over a number of times in my lifetime, of which three are known and recorded in the annals of “The Aetherius Society”, and can be read in my book and website. Great sacrifices have been made by Adepts from other planets for our protection and are described in the 4th. Blessing, of “The Twelve Blessings”.  

     George King, who became known as a Cosmic Master from Mars founded The Aetherius Society, was personally responsible for disarming the earliest in 1957, which was an asteroid controlled by an  intelligence.                                                                            The first encounter nearly killed him described in his book ,“You Are Responsible”.

  To gain control is part of war in the galaxy concluding in the higher dimensional levels.       On earth is the last phase presenting as a false epidemic planned for our future control and imprisonment. Being part of the resistance and endurance is the lot for us all at this time, and

according to some a privilege, not always appreciated in these years forming a New Age.


   There are 200 trillion galaxies according to the Andromedans. This one allows experience of physical form in our solar system.

Throughout the galaxy there are portals for the transfer to other parts. Some are in the space around Terra.  These were made in the very early times .  Many are no longer serviceable and there is no way for them to be restored. There are a number close to Earth and used for visits by aliens many times. To gain control is part of a war in the galaxy .

  The Andromedans visited the future and found a tyranny after357 years. Traced to this solar system it was centred on the Earth. This is from Alex Collier in his book of 1995.

The Galaxy is the subject for the 10th.Blessing.

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