Foundations of Reality

Having read a good article promoting Atheism I felt inclined to write something, knowing from experience the machinations involved to ensure our survival from attacks on the Earth in the postwar period, and the extensive metaphysical operations in founding the New Age.

It is all secondary to the concept of Being which is a paradox in the idea of everything being created from nothing, because that which creates exists in terms of Infinity/Zero. In theproposed inactive phase the Zero concept applies, but for our consideration the opposite is Infinite Being.

The best philosophical idea came from Leibnitz with the term Monad as the primary sourec and the monads as the individual units of creation. In other words Infinite Undefined Consciousness decides to create from Itself an infinity of units which in the course of evolution become advanced beings of intelligence and power. There is no possible connection with The Absolute, the greater part of which is not in manifest creation.

Imagine, if you can primordial units in the nature of fractals becoming evolutionary elements of matter and life, based on what has been called Soul as the first objectivity in manifestation as”The Universal Soul” found in ancient spiritual records as “The Anima Mundi”.

In the objectivity was a simultaneous creation of the Divine Triplicity, as Soul, Mind and Body existing in every created unit of life through inconcievable eons in gross matter, plant and animal up to the intelligent forms when Mind becomes more active, leading to soul consciousness.

Humanoid and other life forms flourish in the near infinity of galaxies and universes. Interestingly, the power behind is an energy benign and sacrificial of LOVE, impersonal in the highest degree with what is known as something like curiosity in essence. ITS energy has many octaves of action the lowest being the emotions. In higher octaves it is transforming of all negatives if in need to protect, wielded in different aspects by gods and archangels.

This is getting too long, I may have to edit later. Any enquiries will have to be diverted to my other stuff and books of the Cosmic Masters, who will tell you that we are immortal units of consciousness to become one of them after many more lives in the wake of millions of years in higher dimensional ventures.

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