Much is being written about an impending apocalypse as in the Bible with scientific reasoning of the Cosmic cycles, supported in Hinduism as the end of Kali Yuga.

 It can be seen how all cosmic cycles large and small start at the same time, so that when the greatest changes occur it is a confluence of dramatic significance.

Today, it can all be interpreted as happening now, on the basis of knowledge about how metaphysical powers have been used.

      There was “The Primary Initiation of Earth” in 1964 and the number of attempts at our extinction in the preceding years.

The frequency of the vibrations is since rising, said to eventually raise the planet and all life into the next stages called 4Dand 5D, vaguely reminiscent of the After Life and in my opinion unlikely to happen on Earth for many generations to come.

 The Earth will not be destroyed, nor will there be any war using nuclear bombs in assurance from the Galactic Federation.    

    Earthly tyranny will not last as planned in the contrived pandemics.                                            In 1995 it was foreseen how it could spread in the galaxy within 357 years.      

     Foundations for The New Age are in the annals of “The Aetherius Society,” with metaphysical operations and sacrifices in cooperation with Alien Adepts.

   George King (1919-1997) created “The Aetherius Society” in 1955. He became responsible for charging mountains at considerable personal sacrifice, and invented batteries of spiritual power for release in times of world stress.

 As the world continues in the blind control of pandemics, Truth is ever hidden as our secret space navies expand for defence, vying for superiority between themselves., and ”Metaphysics and The New Age”(Amazon 2009)

2 thoughts on “                                   EARTH  CHANGES

  1. Thanks for the expose’.
    Some years ago I sent poems to a man with videos of over nineties. Is that where you found them? You are welcome to use my poems any way you like, they are from the days of my attending a local group of writers, before I was crippled.
    There are eleven anthologies each with 60+ poems, I forget which ones I sent.


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