Cycles in Creation

                                                   A NEW BLOG ON CYCLES

   A mass of information on traces of life found in the earth’s ancient layers hints how very ancient it is. Some indication of 25000 years between instances of extinction suggesting a cyclic feature, promoting this blog.

     From the beginning a series of cyclic change is visualised in the very small intervals.           A precise number in terms of time such coincides with an extending series of greater cycles, so that a diagram would show the greater ones always start together with the small at the start and succeeding larger cycles.

    This is an essential feature of creation in the sequence. A diagram would show the 25000 epochs start with a greater cycle, and the great Yugas will simultaneously in the same pattern as in the galactic cycles and universes.

  The next Yuga has already started, signified by the events and manipulations of energy in the post war period. Information is being spread for the 5G associated, but not manifesting in physicality in spite of numerous blogs in favour.

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