I have been wanting to write a blog about the concept of Infinity, and so here it is in a spontaneous offering  characteristic of Blogging

     IT which Creates is INFINITE, creating infinites. The number of individual units of consciousness is therefore infinite, each destined to return enriched by experience. This is the secret of Being, so that we are so endowed to become gods ourselves in the long road of repeated lives.

There are known infinities of numbers in mathematics, and some are greater than others, which creates a paradox. Cantor developed a way for calculating with infinities, and Asimov put it in one of his books.

  Outstanding in this is, The Creator being Infinite creates infinities, in the way life manifests in very large numbers approaching the Infinite, the number of galaxies being recorded as hundreds of trillions.

   Once having recognised The Deity is “Infinite Being” it becomes possible to speculate on how there are so many infinities, of which the most significant is the Truth our own infinity as Units of Consciousness existing from the beginning.

   This is contrary in the lies contained in Religion to feeling inferior as sinners, with only the One Life confined in a physical body.       

  Humanity exists comprising a unit called the Collective. There are many other Collectives of different species in millions of units on the path of experience over many lives to achieve Cosmic Consciousness, which is the beginning of another phase of development beyond even that.

The idea that we are all the equivalent of embryonic gods, is opposite to being told how we all sinners here to suffer in fear of a god watching and judging for admission to heaven or hell.

LOVE being the essence of Creation is an energy of different grades, it is also Infinite pervading every aspect, presenting in different frequencies like any energy. The lowest manifests as Emotion, so familiar to us in the limitations of physicality, higher frequencies await in the bliss of spiritual evolution.  

How we came to experience suffering as the negative aspect on Earth has some interesting stories involving Karmic Law and the remote history of this galaxy, which for those curious enough to engage can seek out in the new revelations and in books.

Infinity is a worthy topic in these days of confusion and lies, facing the prospect of a Tyranny far in excess of history and which could spread in the galaxy.

The concept of Infinity is beyond our minds, but in the Cosmic Masters it is a reality favoured by the realisation of Cosmic Consciousness, the state awaiting all in the fulness of Time and evolution.

After all that, we have imagination able to dwell on these things as information is being spread about Space and the Galactic Forces of remote history.

“Wanting to Know”, as demanded by Curiosity is fundamental in Creation, Truth ever beckons, and is a feature on my website.

   The present crisis relates to its absence in the mindcontrolled majority.  

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