The purpose of this blog is to promote the idea of sacrifice in unselfish service, as it is the saving grace in these days of trial.

  Many do this as part of their lives, as unconscious saviours.  

 Doubts about the New Age disappear in the light of words by Jesus in “The Twelve Blessings” providing comfort, reassurance and cosmic truths.

The Power of Love expressed in Service is the theme in all The Twelve Blessings.

  Some are here as agencies for the uplifting of consciousness, “They are the Planetary Ones” of the 4th. Blessing.

 When the present phase of fear and doubtful viruses has passed everyone will be amazed in wonder and praise of Truth hidden for thousands of years. The present censorship and control is only a phase before The New Age.                      

    Fear has been imposed for thousands of years as part of the control of curiosity and imagination, elements of Truth being regarded as Herecy and persecuted. 

One thought on “sacrifice

  1. Thank you so very much for supporting my work with your own! Just curious. Are reports of mandatory vaccinations occurring in your area via police intimidation? Thanks so much…Much Love! 😊🌹


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