This is the story of the Siege of Twin Planets codenamed Gotha

George King (1919–1997)

This is taken from the tape transmitted through George King by a Master from Gotha, in his ship orbiting the Moon.

Speaking: Thousands of years ago the people of the twin planets (codenamed Gotha) roamed the galaxy seeking new planets and different cultures. Until one day, when they happened on a race which was hospitable and charming, but cleverly hid their belligerent nature. After cultural and scientific exchanges during which they received advanced information, this race attacked the visiting Gotha party. Some managed to escape and fled into space. However, they were traced and followed. They only managed to escape by raising the their ship into a higher octave of existence.

On return to the home planets it was decided to shut down all space adventures. In the isolation which followed the population concentrated on spiritual development, to the degree that they became a race of monks highly advanced in the occult sciences.

This continued for 25,000 years until one day spaceships were detected approaching their worlds, and soon established themselves in orbit around the two planets. Their hostility soon became apparent, but armed resistance was not possible because the population was conditioned into complete pacifism. They were able to establish a barrier of a force screen around the planets, which prevented any ship landing.

This screen was subjected to a prolonged bombardment and began to weaken and in danger of collapsing. They then raised the planets into a higher vibratory phase causing them to disappear. This could not be held indefinitely and when they came down the invaders had not given up and left as it was hoped, but were still there waiting in orbit around their worlds.

Inevitably, the enemy force landed and proceeded to build fortifications. As the situation became serious their earnest prayers
and signals of distress were heard, and assistance appeared from an unexpected source. It was a very large spaceship carrying a culture accustomed to wandering the galaxy for thousands of years. They landed with a small powerful force and attacked the invaders who retreated to their ship. This was not the end, as a larger wellequipped force returned which was also repelled. After this the besieging fleet withdrew. At this stage, having done what they could, the “space gypsies” unceremoniously left.

This was not the end, as some time later the enemy returned and resumed the siege. The Patriarchs ruling the planets had decided that these invaders had the same right to the planets if they returned anyway, and counselled calm and preparation to surrender in their blithely distracted spirituality.

One man had other ideas and together with a few sympathisers began to prepare a spacecraft. This man was a psychic with keen farseeing abilities, and had witnessed the conflict which was The Alien Mission, and decided to make an appeal to the Six Adepts. He landed on Earth and actually visited George King at the Aetherius Centre in Los Angeles, who referred the appeal as requested.

This was recorded as a “Visit from the Galaxy” and happened on February 13, 1966. Two months later saw the beginning of The Gotha Mission, which took eight months for its completion.

The Six Adepts returned with the visitors and immediately installed an impenetrable barrier, and set about conferring with the leading Tribunal, who only agreed to consider accepting help. While they were arguing, the invaders made a diplomatic gesture consisting of a message requesting permission to land for a peaceful settlement. It was agreed to accept them in good faith and allow them to land.

The Adepts addressed the planets‟ tribunal showing them how, were they to allow the invaders to base themselves there, they were endangering other peoples in the galaxy, many who were not able to defend themselves. The responsibility was emphasised in such a way that it seemed impossible that it would not be recognised as a moral necessity to resist, and allow the them to take over their defence, but they were adamant in wanting to talk to the invaders.

When the visiting ship from the enemy fleet approached the barrier, it was scanned and found to contain a strange virus. It consisted of spores which had the capacity of rendering every living thing drained of life, including the very substance of the planet. It was so highly radioactive that one molecule encountered would be enough for a rapid and painful death. Without more ado, the Three Adepts exploded the “mission of peace,” destroying it completely, and its deadly cargo, before it could enter the protected space.

This demonstration of treachery was effective in reversing the extreme pacifism overnight, uniting the whole population in an enthusiastic defensive posture. They had been shown that complete devotion to self for thousands of years even as a highly spiritual ethic was wrong in the face of others being endangered by inaction. The long phase of isolation was finally over.

Two Masters from the Gotha System returned to remain on Earth, and devoted themselves to increasing the efficiency of Operation Sunbeam and other metaphysical operations, in recognition of the debt to the Earth, George King and the Six Adepts. In 1976, the two were joined by a third Master from Gotha. The Action of Three is a Universal Law which greatly increases the Power, in recognition of the Law of Three which typifies The Divine Trinity. There is a recording of this complete transmission on tape and probably on a disc by now, and is available from The Aetherius Society.


The three alien battle ships of the invasion force were located at the rim of the galaxy. A mighty Cosmic Being took down their protective force screens and transferred all the alien life-forms into one of their ships and activated all the weapons of the other two on Itself as a show of omnipotent power. Having absorbed these energies it took them so far out of existence they could never be traced, even by Cosmic Masters.

The communication devices on the third ship were manipulated so that a complete record was imposed in such a way that it could not be interfered with or shut down and would be broadcast throughout that Galaxy. The disabled battleship and collective crews was sent back so that the information would be preserved as a warning against further intrusion.

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