An Aftermath of The Alien Mission

The Alien had left five powerful interplanetary battleships hidden in a lower astral realm, each capable of destroying a large part of the Earth. Neutralising these was another chore remaining for the Six Adepts in response to instructions from the Interplanetary Authority on Saturn. Their ship had to be modified and strengthened as The Third Satellite for this task. The final battle in this Mission took place on January 22nd, 1966, three months after the alien was evicted.


The source was another galaxy which would seem to favour predatory civilisations. They are established in one known planet in this galaxy inhabited by an intelligent water dwelling species in complete control and enslavement by three beings from that galaxy, who are said to be millions of years old. The Martian Adept Mars Sector Six visited in his space ship to find ways of helping the inhabitants. Something went wrong, he was forced down or crashed, captured and imprisoned in an electronic type of prison. He was eventually able to escape on a ray of thought from a Master of Saturn.

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