There was a time when there was no moon 18,000,000 + years ago. It has origin from outside the solar system. The Andromedans say it was brought from Ursa Minor and put around the planet Maldek together with Phobos. When Maldek blew up they were put around Earth and Mars respectively. They are both artificial, based on hollow metal cores.

     The following is also taken from the book ‘Defend Sacred Ground’ (1995) by Alex Collier in a compendium of information from the Andromedans. It is free to download on the internet, a monumental work about the galactic histories, and recent earth events up to 1995.

“Our moon now is colonized.
I am told by Morenae that there is a full time working population on the moon of 35,000 people, and that they are all Ari-ans by birth. The age of the Moon soil is 6.2 billion years old, and has compound and chemicals not found on Earth . The Andromedans say the soil and many of the rocks come from Ursa Minor. The moon was put into the tail of an asteroid which brought it into our solar system.

The true military complex of the moon is now underground. There are entrances to this Alien and Human base is at both poles and others have been created.

Artificial Terran environments are being created to house and support hand-picked personnel by the World Government. The human leader of this base or facility is called Mr. Secretary. The Moon now houses approximately 36,719 human beings from Earth, a small colony of only Aryans by birth. Much contact is taking place on the moon between regressive aliens and World Order humans. We’ve had a working colony on the moon since 1961 according to the Andromedans”

There are references in ancient Greek of the PreSelenites when there was no moon. Apparently, the Alpha Draconians created the primate race, which was first brought to Mars and then to Earth. The primate race was then tinkered with by many other different races – 21 other races – resulting in our race having been modified 22 times.

Our hidden science is 932 to 3,700 Years ahead in technology, they have established a human military colony in the Altair star system in a dictatorship enslaving the indigenous beings until freed in 2013.

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