The Story of Gaia Earth Goddess

About Mother Earth

If you are concerned about the integrity of the environment, keep in mind the Entity which is Mother Earth and her sacrifice
. The Logos of the Earth has had to restrict her own evolution in order dampen down the vibratory level in Her substance, to be compatible with human life. Taking on a lower level of existence for the sake of another is called “Sacrificing Salvation.

This type of sacrifice is greater than the sacrifice of one’s Life. This self-imposed limitation of Mother Earth reached its conclusion by an edict from The Lords of Karma, with effect from July 8th, 1964, after the duration of more than 18 million years.

The Sacrificing of Salvation occurs so frequently in the spiritual parts of the text, and is so prominent in The Twelve Blessings, that some explanation is indicated. This expression, Salvation, is taken from Christian theology, as meaning saving from damnation. It means much more than that in metaphysical terms. Salvation can also refer to the condition of spiritual achievement and release from the cycle of rebirth.

This is only part of the Sacrifice of Salvation. In addition there is often the suffering of Karma, taken on out of Love for the spiritually impoverished and recidivist elements. It seems to be built into cosmic evolution and is an aspect in all The Twelve Blessings.
This Sacrifice of Salvation is limited by the Law of Karma, which will not allow it to persist beyond a certain time. In this way Jesus was not permitted to continue suffering on the cross.

In the same way the Logos of this Earth has had to be liberated from her sacrifice of salvation, hitherto made necessary for this humanity to continue its successive failures. It is impossible for us to imagine the magnitude of this sacrifice by the planetary Logos lasting millions of years.
The enforced lifting of the limitation experienced by the Earth Logos constituted The Primary Initiation of the Earth * (July 8th.1964), which is now producing changes in the planet and all life upon it. We are now facing the drastic changes in our environment as a result of the energy now being released, as foreseen by the seers and prophets of long ago.

The Deep Violet Flame of Transmutation rests within her. She will let it rise through anyone who recognises her sacrifice and asks for it.

At the risk of repeating this elsewhere it can be said here, that events anticipated around 2012 have been brought forward 50 years by metaphysical means. The catalyst was The Primary Initiation of The Earth (July 8th.1964) promoted earlier by Karmic decree.

This planet has 49 levels of vibration. We exist on one of them as ‘Terra’. They are called ‘cloaks’ in the Seventh of The Twelve Blessings.

To provoke wonder and amazement the Sun in comparison which is the expression of Divinity in the Solar System, has 900,56921 cloaks as mentioned in the 8th. Blessing by Jesus.

The Andromedans say that the Earth was transported here from outside the solar system and was covered in ice. The water was pure from it and became salty due to action by Niburu.

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