We are immortal through reincarnations. There is no Judgement and no Hell.

The Dead are not interested in their type of burial.

Death is final in the minds of millions today due to a materialistic feeling imposed by modern science and materialism. The remainder expect to sleep until the day of the Resurrection based on the Bible. (An interesting aside to this is the account from those have been able to visit show they have to be roused from sleep which could otherwise last for centuries). Some believe differently, this life is only one of along succession of incarnations for the experiences demanded by an immortal part which is an individual consciousness in the universal CONSCIOUSNESS which creates.

There is no hell, there is no judgement. The universe is benign in an ultimate sense. The immediate rebuff is what about the suffering. There is only one logical explanation in the Law of Cause and Effect. This humanity has a very ancient and violent history. Freewill is not an automatic feature of creation, but an option for such monads (Leibnitz term for individual consciousness) seeking experiences and do this in a reflection of part of the Creation. Millions of years are involved in the primordial states preceding the human form concerned with the other features of the Earth in its 49 *Globes existing in the same space in different levels of vibration.The final product may have come from outside this galaxy when the concept of Freewill was chosen for the limitations required on forms. *Ref.Rounds and Races by Gertrude W.van Pelt,M.D (a little book of Theosophical Press)

Remote History of this humanity

To begin, we derive from a planet which existed between the Earth and Mars (Maldek) and was destroyed 18.000.000 years ago, due the attempt to gain total energy in the atom. A fraction of one percent is the present safer way. The Law which is God demands recognition of this crime in the effects on our evolution. One of which was the genetic interference over 200.000 years ago reducing the DNA from 12 to two strands to create slaves. We have been told by some alien sources that this is going to change soon, as more wake up to our divine origins since the Primary Initiation of the Earth in 1964. In addition the galaxy is also changing producing a higher frequency through black holes. Meanwhile we suffer in ignorance bearing the pain from the violence of previous lives and extending into this life and is the only justice conceived by ourselves.

In the future civilisation lives will be longer. Aging will not show deterioration and the end will be an individual decision knowing when the time is right, and a time for partying. Birthing will be painless and always perfect, and the choice of timing over a much greater period, in The New Age. The estimated time for this a thousand years.


This is in the book by Alex Collier,”Defend Sacred Ground” an Andromedan compendium.

It is a large work but is free to download. This information relates how we derive in a diaspora from the system called Lyra in Ursa Minor caused by the predation of the Draco.

Elements settled in different parts of this sector, notably around Orion, Sirius and the Pleiades.

This Humanity is the result of visitations by other races creating a race with 22 different types of genes which according to information makes us something special, and a possible source of revitalisation for the failing genome of some alien civilisations. Stories of the attempts to hybridisation abound in the literature. In the process technological advances were offered resulting in the secret development of space travel. Unfortunately the treaties were not honored.

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