Those who dare to Question Church doctrine are Heretics, so that the Truth must be a Divine Heresy

The Truth About Jesus

Ref.”Metaphysics and The New Age” ( AMAZON 2009)

Jesus is the Fourth Aspect of a Venusian Master millions of years along the evolutionary path.
The decision to be born on Earth at a certain time, and to sacrifice himself in the way he did, was his own. He did this in order to manipulate Karma in such a way as to prevent the catastrophe that was threatening the Earth. For his death to occur at the precise time it was left to Judas to orchestrate the events to ensure success.This was effected in a theatrical way as recorded. Judas has born the false interpretation ever since.This arouses questions about the reference to the betrayal by Judas as described occurring in the Last Supper, in the Bible.

When he was due to be born, certain measures were taken to obstruct any attempts to interfere by those evil agencies, who are always out to prevent anything likely to benefit mankind. And so, the “Star of Bethlehem” appeared, which of course was not a star or anything like such a massive body. The gravitational effects would have dragged the Earth out of its orbit. It was a sphere of golden light, which was the equivalent of a spacecraft occupied by a Master from Saturn. After hovering for a time it disappeared when the birth had been successful.The birth in a stable is doubtful. Joseph was not poor and some accommodation seems to have been most likely arranged.The weather at the time was good being the month of March, the date being the 16th.

There has been much ado about the virgin birth, but the power of those involved in bringing it about was quite capable of arranging it. In these days of artificial insemination we are close to imitating it ourselves.
His mission was to die at a certain predetermined astrological time, and He managed to manipulate events accordingly. His teaching during the three years ministry were given leading up to the crucifixion, which was a brutal murder for which the human race on Earth remains responsible.

The information regarding the period covering the remainder of His life is said to be apocryphal. The truth of the matter is, that He spent considerable time in receiving training in Egyptian and Himalayan retreats, and also on other planets. Limited as He was in a physical body, His education had to proceed in the usual way, which is the hard way through experience. On other planets, the Earth is referred to as “The Planet of Hard Endeavour”.

There are published accounts of Jesus not dying, resuscitated and travelling in the east to teach. These are untrue the death was real, but to create another physical body for the purpose would be quite possible for a Venusian Master.

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