Given by Jesus, through George King in1961 Dec. 20th, for THE  NEW  AGE after the foundations laid.                                           

Particularly significant  in these days of trial and change, and offered  for any prepared to assist.

                                 THE  NEW  LORDS  PRAYER

 “Oh Divine and Wondrous Spirit!

Oh Everlasting Lord of Hosts!  

Send forth, now, through me Thy great and lasting Power. 

Allow me, oh mighty God, the lasting privilege,     

Of radiating to all the world Thy great Love,   

So that those who suffer may be given the Power and energy to rise above their weaknesses.  

  Oh mighty God, in great humility do I ask you To send forth Your Power.                                                                                                                                                

To give to me this great lasting privilege,

Of being a channel so that my suffering brothers 

May be helped and guided and healed and Lifted into Thy Light.                            

 So that they who know not may look up,

 And in doing so, receive through their Higher Selves, Your Divine Counsel 

 Oh mighty God, this day have you granted me, a Divine privilege

 I ask you, now, give me the strength,  

  So that never again will I turn from my inner vision of you

              Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.*

  In praise of your Greatness, Oh God,

  Doth my Soul sing                                                                                           

  Grant it energy to sing on Forever .

  *  (Shanti means Peace)

(Copied from my book “Metaphysics and The New Age”).

By using these words you are helping to create The  New Age  radiating  the Power of Love in Dynamic Prayer.

The  old  ”Lord’s  Prayer” continues to be used, but the words “Lead us not into temptation and forgive us our sins”, are not right.               All is judged and forgiven by ourselves.


It is the best way for sending Love into the suffering world assisting the more imminent NEW AGE.

This type of service is recommended for transmuting Karma, and so ensures the best outcome in future incarnations.

The New Lords Prayer is most suited for this service.

Excerpt  from the address following  the 11th Blessing,             “BLESSED  ARE  THE SUPREME  LORDS  OF CREATION”.

Oh adorable  little  children,  take  these,  My Texts – and read them well. Accept them as your Bible – ACT upon these – and you will be of great service to your brothers”.

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