I wanted to write a blog on LOVE, as it is the Force behind Creation.      In these days it is changing the planet, and will restore our freedom.

  It is not as expressed in terms of emotion, it is much more.                              

We should have a more special word for this Universal Power. The ancient Greeks used “Agape”.

 LOVE is an energy with different frequencies, of which emotion is the lowest.

As it is the Force behind Nature and all Creation there are higher levels in action up to the Spirituality of Suns, and Galaxies.

The fear and distress on Earth promoted will be cleared through the Force of Love, in the rising consciousness of people amid planetary changes.

The Power of Love can be requested from the Solar Logos and sent to the world in Dynamic Prayer.                                                                                                

 In the present Magnetisation Period ( July5th. to  August 5th.) it is enhanced 3000 times.                                                                                                                          

  In The Aetherius Society, in ” The Twelve Blessings”. THE THIRD BLESSING IS LOVE, and In the book The Nine Freedoms, “THE SECOND FREEDOM WILL BE LOVE”.

3 thoughts on “LOVE

      1. I do not, yet would love to learn more. I Am reading The Nine Freedoms and just finished Bravery. Love is next! 😊

        Fascinating to merge these concepts with the KNOWing of inner Self. Thank you!


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