First came “The Twelve Blessings” by Jesus, for use in practice sending Love energy to the suffering world.

“ The Nine Freedoms” followed in the same manner by dictation from the Martian Adept, Mars Sector Six.

This book is intended for the seeker of Enlightenment outlining the path following many reincarnations, leading to gaining Cosmic Consciousness through lives on other planets.

The two books were formed in founding The Aetherius Society (1955).

Metaphysical operations followed in the sacrifices and genius of the Master George King, for the changes ensuring The New age.

The totalitarian state being presented is a threat to inhibit spiritual evolution and free will, and the tyranny allowed to spread in the galaxy.

Throw away the useless masks and demand free speech. The WHO and UNO are planning to take it away, and your government will try to ensure it.  

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