We are all part of “IT”, as individual units of the Consciousness which is God, we have unlimited potential but made to believe we are sinners in fear of judgement.

   Assessment is made by ourselves as required in Karmic law.

         (Jesus had some interesting things to say about this in the 9th. Blessing.)

The TIME NOW is for a different view of ourselves as immortal on a path of spiritual evolution.

The Earth is in transition to a stage of freedom and peace developing into The Golden Age reminiscent of the Lemurian.   

      Our distress and confusion has to be endured meanwhile, as some who volunteered to be part readily aver.  


 Anticipating a dramatic change called ”ascension” is doubtful in my mind.  Channelings of celestial beings and galactic sources promote the idea.                                                                                                                        Perhaps they no longer have any idea of what it means to be earthbound in physicality, or of Time.

Creation usually takes a long time using trillions of souls ascending in collectives.     Large numbers approaching infinity preferred, in millions of time units.

Individuality is forever, however to become limited significance in the formation of Soul Collectives of evolution in eternities.

For an appreciation of this read “The Nine Freedoms”, dictated by the Cosmic Master, Mars Sector Six.

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