Worship was never needed in my personal opinion, neither was religion.

We invented it, making us vulnerable for powerful beings to exploit, sacrificing beasts and people as burnt offerings, before the true God became recognized in the sacred works.

There has never been any need for worship. Self abasement and appeasing to a power conceived as God was ever useless and achieved nothing.                             

Unselfish Service and Love are recognized by God, taught by Jesus in comments on the Church in the book of The Twelve Blessings.                                             

Human traits attributed to the Creator are shown in tradition and art judging sinners, an angry being invoking fear of hell and damnation.

   The Sun is an aspect of God for this solar system, as the Solar Logos it is the source of all energies including Love, and does not judge.                                             

Request the power from the Solar Logos and send it out to the suffering world. In this way you are recognized as stating your divine origin, on the long road back again as conscious gods.

    Worship looms largely in the written traditions disregarding our immortal origin as units of individual consciousness, with histories going back to the Beginning.

   Great temples and churches of great beauty are evidence of the importance given to worship in religion, with the piety and holiness of saints.

 Cathedrals and churches show the feelings and desire to demonstrate gratitude for love and experience.     May they remain for communal prayer and hymns, and for those who like to indulge in worship.

Religion appears to have been a necessary phase in development, and became instrumental for domination and control by the few.

Beyond the solar system there is The LAW which is God as mentioned in the Twelve Blessings by Jesus. 

Galactic civilisations do not have religion and recognize The LAW which is God.

Personal Notes

As soon as I left the catholic school to be accepted in the local Grammar School I became a free thinker, which led me to metaphysics and occultism.  

  In 1958 I met George King who became responsible for saving the Earth and laying down foundations for the New Age.

    He founded The Aetherius Society in 1955 and I became a member, and was present for The Twelve Blessings.

Although the concept of Church and services are maintained therein and recently advertised on Facebook, I do not feel inclined to participate being isolated from the centre so many years.

  The saga of sacrifices and service of the Master George King are in the annals of the A.S., and his Biography.

Such information is special, and in “The Twelve Blessings” which constitute an initiation, a gift from Jesus.

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