Forbidden Archaelogy

Masses of information on the prediluvian Giants and pyramids all over the world has become available on You Tube.
Why all evidence has been denied and skeletal remains hidden for so long demands explanation.
It is all part of the misinformation directed to preserve Darwinism and the biblical version of how we came to be.

Reflection on Ancient Human History

You have no idea how old we all are as we continue to experience many different forms of reincarnation.
We are extremely ancient creatures. At the fiat Create, or Big Bang, we elected to experience the material world for the sake of experience.This was probably billions of years ago, we know that we came from a planet which was destroyed 18,618,501.000 years ago and all that remains is parts of the asteroid belt.
The path back to Source seems very long but is much shorter that the outflow of life which preceded the return, in the course of which we become gods which it appears may be in the form of the union of many souls.

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